South by Sihle Ntuli

Sihle Ntuli | Feb 12th, 2013 | poetry | No Comments

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Only Black and White
Other coloureds feel left out
“The Rainbow Nation”
A mere figment

The dark key
The only key that opens every door
A joke, I once overheard

Most company cars are generally…

Blue overalls
Their chests feel like this…
On the inside

Red paint and black smudge
Spearheaded towards my eyes
I concur

Is Top Billing even shot in this country?
I hate Top Billing!

“Bitch Please!” who are you again
Ah yes, life of a miner
You’re that gold digger with a book

Jail for secrets
Time is the currency you’ll pay for…
The Secrecy bill

Marikana occurred in broad daylight
Even a Lunar Eclipse couldn’t hide that

The assholes have no aim
They leave brown stains on the ceiling fan

The compass point is no coincidence
South of Africa
[tab id=2]Sihle Ntuli (@Solosihle) is a writer from Durban. His other works can be seen on Sang BleuLitnet and Itch.


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