Spaces and Traces by Jazz Africa

Jazz Africa | November 9th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

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With or without chondrules,
Rocks and stones lie quietly on the earth’s surface
Showing no remorse or a single twinge of emotion
Deep in the crust of the earth
Pahoehoe, aa and jellies of the earth
Quietly brewing over decades and eras

Movements ever so patiently, not rushing
Not pushing, just swiftly making their way to…
The top, bottom, sideways…who knows where to!?!?
Destinations reached
Pots full of magma concoction become….nameless
Fugaciously resting forever in peace

Mortal beings, toiling day and night
Razor blades cutting through nature
To create quiet smiles
Yet all you see are dry tears of fallen dust
Meaningless maybe,
Zzzz zzzz zzzzzzzzz

As razors, without remorse, cut stones
Crushing them shamelessly……oh!
No application form submitted, no discussion, nothing
Unceremoniously arriving, no appointment
Regardless of nature’s plans, no respect

Poet Bio

Through poetry, my silence is broken and I find joy

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