Sparrow by Lisa

Lisa | November 1st, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

As they sing their songs
-By daylight –
In pure delight,
I listen to timeless melodies.

And doubts they have not.
-No fears or nor sorrows-
But to plat from reeds,
And spread their wings

How I long to be a sparrow.
Worry free,
In this dreary world

How I wish to be a sparrow.
Singing songs,
That no man knows.

For I’ll be the music,
And the wind my muse.

Poet Bio

Writing has always been Lisa’s passion. She works very hard at becoming better everyday . She was born in Namaqualand in the Northern Cape and is 21 years old. And she is planning on starting her Communication degree next year, at NWU.

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