Speak silence by Sibusiso Dladla

Sibusiso Dladla | September 26th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

In the pit of empty stomachs celebrating freedom
As fists plummet to faith without wisdom
My heart pouts in the ring of bitter silenced ears
while steel shivers in the midst of smooth breeze
I still bleed for pain and anger disapprove my beings
Is being black the wealthiest sin in the book of deceit
Dry for love at the dawn of lust
Ignorance failures my heartbeat
For my broken heart twangs in pondering lies of an off tune Drum
Africa descend from dust that fell upon testaments and testaments to come
Fear not metaFives in your feint margin mind
Punchlines to illiterate druggies and alcoholics in search of a fruitful life
To paralyze verbs and slaughter you nouns

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