Speaking of Romeo by Ndumiso Sikhakhane

Ndumiso Sikhakhane | February 2nd, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

Though mountain can separate
People but your essence was never far.
Though I know no something
But through thoughts you existed.
You my soul divine, my bitterness
Ocean outflow.

Deep in the rivers of my heart
Your love is flowing.
Where no thoughts pass about
You. Love driven like a rocket to weaken me.
Hurricane of your love found in me.

Pure, solid and original from
The deepest level of my heart where
No shadow find stand.
Your name be my clotting factor.
Standing on top of the highest
Peak of the mountain incline down to earth,
Scanning every bacteria around
God’s land, there you were divining
Sparkling like a star.

My dreams are no more far from you.
My thoughts are no true beyond you.
Can’t stand, yes I never saw nor
Hear your voice but through imagination;
Your protean smell
Your smooth voice
Your chocolate beauty
Are fully blown.

Never got mad to mess.
Never got drunk to defeat
But lively I say these:

You are in love with a
Stranger. A stranger form far.
Far to love you. Love you forever.
Forever be done by death.
Among them my eyes
Glued on you.
Among them my heart
Binded to you irresistible.

Love fresh like leaves in spring
Pure like rainwater, analyzed
Like economy, hot than the sun.
Speared like sunrays towards
Your heart.

A dream a dream of fullness
In my arms safety is maximized.
Phonotypical I may not seem to
You but in me you are settled
Safe and secured.

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