Spill the Beans by Yamikani Jamali Hassan

Yamikani Jamali Hassan | April 12th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments


It’s that phase when the heart is boiling
A time when lips are just trembling
The head is roaming, eyes are strolling
And you can’t order yourself, control is failing

It’s a time so difficult when easy is impossible
When the arrogant is curtailed to be humble
And it takes strong souls to clear the ramble
Because the muscles turn out to be so feeble

You settle to spill the beans but the pot is so hot
Maybe it’s not the time, maybe I should forget
Oh! Maybe I need a towel to help hold the pot
Considering the beans must be spilled whilst hot

Opening a closet demands an encouragement
It is better to unseal the secret in the basement
As no one is worth your concealment
And sham confidantes create disappointment

Don’t mind the cost, just spill the beans to be free
It doesn’t matter how deep and how high the degree
A secret is mortal and like a bird not long it shall flee
Just muscle up, cool down and let your mouth decree

Poet Bio

Yamikani Jamali Hassan is a Malawian author photographer, creative director and a publisher. He has written two books to his name and a number of short story and poems.

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