Spirit by Brendon Hepburn

Brendan Hepburn | March 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

The haunting of the lost spirit in you, provides a gateway for the unknown evil to enter your hart, and bleeds out the endless questioning of your exists.
Merely stating a choice and making the dark side, to obvious for denial.

It laughs at your futile efforts to overcome the temptation that it provides.
It feeds your thoughts with the flesh, and slowly corrupting your sight of the truth.

Burdened you became of things you need not carry, and your hart accuses everything but your own choices.

Blameless you see yourself of all the unlawful things that suddenly overcomes your live.

Uncalled for sympathy overwhelms you and you embrace it.
Feeding off of its comfort, suppresses you into a cubical of depression.
Explaining this phenomenon becomes your existents.

Seeking the answer that would set you free, leads you to a book written by man and inspired by the spirit.
The spirit of the holy

As the pages turn the truth is reveled and the cubical walls crumble.
Your depression is clouded by an eclipse of faith, and good will enters your hart.

Suddenly you are granted the gift of sight, not the sight of seeing but the sight of sin
The cloth of deception is lifted from your live and all your sin lay bare naked in front you.

To whom you ask should I give up this burden?
As your weeping spirit sits in sorrow.
A voice cries out “GOD almighty “!!!!!!


Crashing down on your knees you fall before the mighty one,
And these word flow through your mouth as if they were born within you.

God the father
God the son
God the spirit

I pray to thee, I have seen the error of my ways, and the blindness of my arraigns has clouded your word from my ears. The truth has struck me as lighting strikes the earth awaking a fire in me, to you GOD I give my life for it was not mine to begin with I have toyed in folly with it, abused it and misused it. No longer shall I dwell in the shadows.

Be lifted this burden that weighs so heavily on my hart, and embrace me with your spirit, love compassion and grace


With this prayer I am armed and cleansed in the blood of the lamb.


inspired by the Holy Spirit

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