Starvation is my name by Kabelo Mofokeng

Kabelo Mofokeng | July 1st, 2007 | poetry | No Comments

Starvation is my name.
My friends call me Tlala-Fela*,
I survive in a Zozo*
On the outskirts of Klippies*.
I play amongst street kids
Our favourite game is nix-mapha*.
At night
When knuckles knock
Against my door,
I skop* skotlolo* under matrase* of my house of hunger.

Born with-out in the belly of wounded dreams.
I only carry death in my heart.
My mission is to capitalize
On a system of booze and cheap drugs,
How I love
Poisoning young blood.

I hate beggars
They expose my true colours
I hunger to kill lemigokgo* before they are born
Rip their intestines like a ravaging beast
Whenever I need to feed.

Foreign Whities*
Unlike Boertjies*
Flash their cameras teeth in my face.
I am never ashamed
To strike a pose nude as truth
On a poverty stage.

Tlala-fela – only hunger
Zozo ñ tin-house
Klippies – Kliptown
nix-mapha – a game suggesting no sharing
skop – kick
skotlolo-an aluminium bowl used for eating
Lemigokgo-tame/worthless dogs
Whities-white people
Boertjies-racist white people or Afrikaans speaking

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