Step Outside by Vinolia Mcetwa

Vinolia Mcetwa | January 15th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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My dear fear,
Can I take a step outside please?
Can I feel the wind touch my skin?
Can I breathe in the air I have not breathed?
Can I for my own sake take that step?

Can I take a look at those mountain hills with my own eyes?
Can I listen to the ‘fountain falls’ with my own ears too?
Can I smell the fragrant roses I read about;
And kiss the cheek of the one who’ll explain
to me a love song?

Can I with my own two feet walk on that dewy grass?
Can I with these hands get the feel of that moist soil?
Can I with my own tongue speak to the passersby,
even just to say hello?
Can I get to learn more other than what I’ve been told?

Just give me that liberty please.
I’m not fighting you, whining that I’m chained.
Yet I’m pleading, begging you for change.
I need to know for me, so let me take that leap.
I need to know what’s true, for I’ve been inside way too long.
And oh my dear fear, join me too, if you would.

Poet Bio

An aspiring writer and poet. A believer that words are as powerful as the sun and can heal the most wounded of hearts. She’s been healed herself all because she read and wrote words.

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