Be still by Chantel Scheepers

Chantel Scheepers | January 5th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


All you human beings are books to me.
Open to devoted slaughter, wanting to be free

I read each chapter with anticipation
I follow each word with delicate dedication
Though all the books end in death
I find that it lacks depth

Each book I read a mirror of the other
Asif books are now the same… they all smother
They smother hope and change and individuals
They are all the same now equals

Once in a while I find a book made of poetry
Not one story the same, bigotry…
Each poem a new day shown
Each one written, truly flowing

Books. You’re all books.
Most of you fading into society’s looks
Then few of you are lyrical and mysterious
Darkening sadness and madness hilarious

I wish to be what I wish to read.
So every day I live for poetry to seed!!

Poet Bio

Just an ordinary someone that finds beauty in words and it’s easy expression

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