Stories beyond the Wall by JAYDEEP SARANGI

JAYDEEP SARANGI | Jun 16th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Dark night kindles the chamber of thoughts
I never know where I roam.
a full day drags me back.
Possibly, a shadow in the back
the other half of a lighted discourse.
Growing night has stories to communicate.
The lonely lamp post is its guard.
Some mysterious designs,
shadows of something
Make a clean sweep.
Green shower of leaves record their fall
when breeze take them all on its way.
Each rainy moment has a context
others hardly believe what one experience.
Some truths die hard, each dupatta has a story
as others find them not happening,
dark night has its rise and fall.
The clock is heard louder
from the other side of the wall.

Notes: Dupatta : It is most commonly used with salwar kameez and the kurta.

Poet Bio

Jaydeep Sarangi is a bilingual poet with nine collections in English latest being Heart Raining the Light(2020)released in Italy. Sarangi has read his poems in different shores of the globe. His later readings were at Flinders University, University of Western Australia, University of South Australia,University of Wollongong, Perth Poetry Club(Australia), University of Udine(Italy)and University of Rezeszow(Poland). Sarangi is on the editorial boards of different journals featuring poetry and articles on poetry like Mascara Literary Review, Transnational Literature, (Australia), Teesta, WEC(India) .He is a professor of English and principal at New Alipore College, Kolkata.. E mail: [email protected]

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