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Bad Poet | Sep 28th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Why would you tell that story?
Littered with insinuations and societal indoctrinations?
A story so clean, yet so ravaged with bias.
From an outsider it sounds so true.
But scratch deeper and realise it is framed.
A collection of words bound by a cage.
Racial groupings in between words on your page.
What story you ask?
There is no story. No one knows it was told.
No one repeated it’s senseless words.
Outside of the circle within which it is told.
Stories inside culture and bias and… Race.
The original indoctrination of our land.
So locked into the propaganda.
The originators would be proud of their legacy.
Enduring past its tenancy.
Therefore don’t tell us that story.
That perpetuates gory.
Create a new narrative.
And break free of our barriers.

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