Straight A’s by J. M. Allen

J. M. Allen | Oct 2nd, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


I’ve gotten straight A’s so far, I’m a sophomore in high school.
But they haven’t helped me yet, in fact made me un-cool.
I want to compete for grades, but no one else really cares.
And so when I hand in extra credit, all I get is stares.

I wish it was like sports, where everyone tries to beat others.
People would congratulate the best grade, if I had my druthers.
They could all give high-fives, on a test where I dominate.
But they don’t praise the grade winner, they’d rather just hate.

Everyone would want to be like me, I’d be the hero.
But instead it’s the opposite, they see me as a zero.
I have to face the facts, and come back from outer space:
Tests just don’t compare to sports – in getting first place.

Poet Bio

Jon is a 50-year old, who recently started writing a bunch of rhyming poems (the best kind?). He has three kids who are approximate teenagers, and give much inspiration for poetry!

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