“Strangers kiss softly as moths” by Xabiso Vili

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[tab id=1]A quote from Michael Ondaatje’s “In the skin of a lion”

You burnt me
With your singed,
Still-warm fluttering
Or was it I
Who burnt you?

I still can’t decide
Who was the flame
And who was it that
Flew too close
To a candlestick sun.

All that’s left now
Is the wax
From haphazard wings
Or from candlesticks
And the smell of sulphur
From matchstick kisses.[/tab]
[tab id=2]Tonight, Xabiso is Bruce Banner. Always angry. This is how he has learnt to control the Hulk. Perhaps anger is a metaphor for love. He is remembering times she hollered her loneliness into the wind and nothing howled back. These are the midnights he dreads.[/tab]



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