Study by Alexander Kane

Alexander Kane | August 5th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

I recline in my seat
In front of my desk
Puffing on n smoke
Looking at a spot on the roof
Waiting for it to move

I sit upright
Snapped back to reality
Now looking at a screen
Full of emptiness
Lighting another smoke
The spot on the roof was a better view

Looking to the wall
Pictures of what I want to accomplish
Just high in the sky
Alone I will fly…

Snapped back to reality,
FUCK! I need to study!
What should I do, where do I start?
I light another smoke

I look at my defiled desk
Pens, pencils, rulers…
I really have to quit smoking.
This shit could kill me!!!

FUCK! I need to study!
Not much time left.
What if I fail?
What would happen to me?

Would I have to work at the post office?
Maybe a delivery boy…
Or maybe a janitor…
Maybe I need to study…

I look outside at the bright lights
And recline back into my chair
While lighting another smoke

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