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Poet Bio

The enemy came
Kill my head
Destroy my body
And steal my legs
My eye watching

They started calling me names:
Garden seat
Dog’s resting place
Ant’s hiding cave
Millipede’s breakfast menu

But they remembered not
I am a stump, I don’t die
Though I die, I still rise
Though I fall, I still stand

My wounds always multiply
My scars sprout like
Stars after sun shine in September
The zygote of my xylem
Has the zeal to zest

Poet Bio

Zwavhudi Mary Ndwambi was born in Lwamondo Tshifulanani at Tshilidzini hospital at Venda in the year 1994. She completed her grade 12 at Lwamondo high school in 2012. She then continues with her studies at Tshwane University of Technology, where she completed her degree in Horticulture year 2017. When she was doing her last year that where she started to have a zeal for writing not only poetry, even songs. Year 2019 she then writes her first poetry book called “cracking out”. She has performed in places like Khumbe Independent Apostolic Faith mission.

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