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Following the release of Home is Where the Mic[1]Look out for the book review and Pretoria launch write up is which saw poetry in performance translated onto the page, Botsotso Publishing is working on another anthology. The new anthology will focus on the voices of South African youth. It is to be co-edited by experienced poet and publisher Allan Kolski Horwitz and young poet, No Life.

A lot of the material produced for, and read in schools is ancient and, in some instances, irrelevant to the learners. The aim of this anthology is to create a literary collage of poems that speak back to contemporary society. Be it through poems that protest the degeneration of our society or poems that celebrate democracy, love, our mothers and fathers etc.

There is no set theme. This is the submission criteria:

  • Submit 6 original poems. of which 3 will be selected. (please provide your name and surname with the poems. pseudonyms are allowed)
  • Select graphics/ images to accompany the poems
  • Submit poems via email – [email protected]

If you have suggestions of other poets fit in to our current line up, please send their names to the same email address you use for submissions – [email protected].

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1 Look out for the book review and Pretoria launch write up