Sugar and Smells by Jazz Africa

Jazz Africa | September 8th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

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Sugar and Smells
Procrastinated smells linger on
I sleep, I eat, I pray
Tossing and turning, smells on my soul
Sweet smells, I spray
Rain drops on my soul, I retain
Emptiness, I pray

Bare clouds of joy rest on my soul
A house of peace once known
Smells so foul
Smells of pain in my soul
A smile once shining on my face, raped
I pace, I twinge, I pain, I ache
My soul ravished
Spasms of anger remain

My mother refuses to recognize
Ke‘Mao ngoanak’a! (Baby, I’m your mother!)
Strength shall re-enter
Child you are given
Given, you are mine
Labeled and entitled
My joy, my forever
God is my EVER!

Love, joy and jazz
Life becomes me
Wishes of nothingness, of non-becoming
Love, life, smells, sweet smells
Malarkey melodies I hear
The joy that was (to repeat many times in fading tone)
The joy that is

Happiness ain’t far
Searching through my soul, I find
Bells of desire chant
Sweet smells of joy are here
Love lingers on, love stays, love remains, love never left
Sweet sugary smells

Poet Bio

I am an African woman. I am made of black charcoal that covers my skin, I am proud of who I am, of who I have become, of where I have been. My name is Jazz Africa an glad to meet you all. Finally I found a web page that suits my needs, something that will help me connect with the world I am trying to reach and associate with. I’m happy and feel honored at the chance.

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