Sun abuse to Spouse by Thendo Netshivhera

Thendo Netshivhera | Nov 20th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Mighty in size, yet dwarf in mind.
Your deeds to spouse bring tears to eyes.
She cries and weeps, we take the whip
Like rebel slaves in old dark days.

In autumn, you nurture her smile with care.
She glows and shares her love across the earth.
She feeds us all with crops and fresh fine wine,
While we hope and pray that you stay, this time.

In winter, you leave spouse in streams of tears.
Her grief then bursts like loud heaven thunders.
She tortures us with chills and muscle aches.
The thick blood rushes to keep warm our lungs.

In Spring, you clear the skies and give her hope.
You give earth some light, her soul sets alight.
Her anger melts, she arises in bliss.
She bursts in tears of joy, our dreams are mended.

In summer, she receives you with open arms.
She begs for your love like a pig on heat.
Little does she know you will soon shift tropics.
Seasons come seasons pass, patience remains.

Poet Bio

Thendo Netshivhera (26) was born at Gondeni village, Limpopo, South Africa. He is a qualified Population practitioner. Thendo is currently studying BA in Creative writing (English) at UNISA. He enjoys putting images and senses to words.

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