Support The First Ever Annual Dar Youth Poetry Festival, Paza Sauti

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Paza Sauti is the first annual youth poetry festival in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This two day event, November 17-18, is geared towards creating a safe and free space for youths ages 6-18 to write, perform, and imagine their own narratives! With performance showcases from accomplished East African poets, and workshops that works towards promoting creative forms of advocacy and empowerment, Paza Sauti aims to build a community of brave and critical young artists.

All funds are going to pay for:

  • Travel and accommodation for featured artist.
  • Modest honorarium for workshop leaders.
  • Sound and other equipment for showcases.
  • Stationary for youth participants.
  • Food and water for workshop participants.

The festival was founded by Tanzanian-born performance poet, teaching artist and activist, Loyce Gayo who was the slam champion of the UT Spitshine poetry slam team who won the 2014 Collegiate Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI). Gayo will co-direct with writer, poet and media specialist, Lydia Kasese who’s chapbook Paper Dolls was published in 2016 by the African Poetry Book Fund.

Visit their indiegogo page to pledge your support

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