Sweet by Flow Wellington

Flow Wellington | September 13th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

I taste your loving: sweet;
More potent than honey,
Purer than sugarcane;
Your kisses give me a sugar rush: sweet!

Your hands compose instrumentals,
Scribing note by note a sensual melody,
Leaving no area untouched –
My skin is the staves: minims, rests,
Semi quavers among my bass and treble clefs!

You set my tempo to a juicy beat;
Grooving to the taste of bitter sweet
And sour. You make me tap my feet as you
Bite: ripe, delectable!

I taste your loving: sweet and fruity,
How it loops every resonance,
Effecting me specially –
My heart beats to the kicks,
Your rhythm echoes inside me!

Your whispers make me tremble:
Back and forth, up and down.
You’re running major and minor scales through
The taste of nectar, dripping in delicious pleasure!

I’m running barefoot in your garden,
My feet lifting from the ground;
You give me a high in a fruity sound.
Nourishing me, quenching every sort of thirst,
You mix and master these flows!

I taste your loving: sweet.
Dripping in delicious pleasure,
You rock and roll me to hip hop tremors –
So fruity and sweet!

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