Sweet Dreams by Kufre-Udeme Thompson

Kufre-Udeme Thompson | Aug 9th, 2019 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments


I’m writing in blank verse
‘Cause in rhymes I can’t confess
Word for word my feelings for you.

So take this blank verse, my love
And read in the moonlight above
Then dream of me through the night.

I write to tell you about my day
I was in the field, tormented by the sun’s ray
But it’s over now, tomorrow will be better.

I’ll sure see you in the morning
Smile when you see me coming
‘I’ll bring good news beyond measure.

Let me pause here and say this:
I love you so much and hunger for your kiss
Can’t wait for tomorrow; Sweet dreams, my love.

Poet Bio

Kufre-Udeme Thompson, a graduate of Philosophy, writes short stories, poems and articles published in print and online reputable local and international newspapers, journals and magazines.

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