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Screams the voice in my head.
I’ve been holding on tightly to the old me –
The person who no longer exists.

The one who had dreadlocks + never wore jeans.
The one everyone called “she” and was okay with it.
The one who feared to truly speak their mind for the sake of peace.

But not any longer.
This season requires a new version of me.
A version that incorporates every version of me,
All versions of me.

Poet Bio

Amina Deka Asma is a recognised Multimedia Journalist and Entrepreneur, who in 2020 graduated from Rhodes University with a Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management. Having specialised in Audio Production in her Journalism undergraduate studies, she uses this as her primary method of storytelling through the work that she does. In 2017 Amina launched B’ Unique, an online based mobile hair salon. Having held and excelled at various leadership positions, in 2019 Amina was recognised for Student Leadership by Investec Bank as part of the Top 100 Student Awards. From an early age Amina has used writing as an outlet and has found her voice through her blog titled ADA, where she shares personal accounts of what it is like to be a Black woman & former refugee living in South Africa . Amina currently works as a Junior Podcast Producer for podcasting company Volume.

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