Tabitha Chawinga by Yamikani Jamali Hassan

Yamikani Jamali Hassan | April 1st, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

A simple, well-disposed girl from Hewe to the world
Esteemed with a step of faith from a stony field
Turned into a success,
And proved the yields of commitment to the world

While the expedition seemed so long
She held on firm and continued so strong
“One day I will make it” was her song
Because she carried resilience and civility along

She severely got undressed to prove womanhood
So magical, her skills don’t match her womanhood
She defied all odds to become every Malawian girl’s plight
Elevated deliberately to guide them to see their hidden light

Indeed fortune comes by unleashing small potentials
Whoever said the best things come in small packages
Was gifted with magical feet
Like Tabitha’s feet has drafted a visa to her aspirations
For she chased away fears that give girls fright to flight

If a foot can kick a ball, it can score a goal
Poles tremble in fear at her strong shots at goal
Being a girl is not an obstacle to reaching your goal
Just focus like Tabitha and score your goal

Poet Bio

Yamikani Jamali Hassan is a Malawian writer, creative director, publisher and administrator. He has written many short stories, poems and two books to his name.

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