I heard a speaker say by Exaverio Dafa

I heard a speaker say 'they created desolation and called it peace' and i say 'i have watched a dream of freedom turn into fiefdom' barbed wire is rusting in my brain and the sureness of its barbed grip i...

Babalass Monday by Tshego Monaisa

Babalaas monday, y ke ithatela botagwa so? Everyday I think I want more, until that one day I wake up and realise that again, it's just another fateful, just another inevitable, just another unfathomable babalaas monday!

as time moves by Philile Ntuli

as time moves from last night's grooves so does this dawn to monday's blues ticking talks talking floors its 10 o'clock knock off's at four

The Hangover by Sihle Ntuli

Fluid flowed Freely You Swam Freestyle, & Back Stroke You downed it at the waterfall Reality caught you on the way down Now you dangle The Hang-Over