POSSE SHAMELESS: Chasing my being by Jazz Africa

Raw meandering, turning, twisting and spinning movements of mountains Up and down the slopes, peak on peak. Rude, sharp turns covered in uncooked wild grasses of the slopes. Li-tšetšenki, mekholitsoane (lizards) and goats reaching heights unregistered Abound yet, sparingly, with...

My Angst by Reitumetse Johnson

My angst, bellowing of my heart, starry thoughts, music in my feet, lovers kiss, and limber thigh ready for breach on a moon-full Friday I do not know why But thank God is Friday

Stunned and silent by Esther van der Vyver

Stunned and silent The week flows by and over me And children and rain engulf me. But Friday holds out its yellow light A slight eddy, a slight lull And saves me with its warmth.

T.G.I.F. by Carol Ronaldson

The city sighs. She spits out the bitter taste of the week, road rage people rage soul rage regurgitates the bad breath of, Kamikaze taxis snooty SUV’s Blik Met Wiele, and Putco buses someone thought cheerful to paint orange, but...

Feast by Carol Ronaldson

On this unfriendly rain stained winter day, my heart is curled up in my stomach memories as my lady loved ones lay out a feast for my heart. Granny is summer, peeling Paw-Paw while hot Mulberry jam spits on the...