Entertaining the Spirits by Maggy Greaver

[tabby title="Poem"] HolyAlcoholicMythicalAfricanMaternalNativeAll spirits entertainedWithMy insanityHollowed SoulI’m flat liningYetThey remain entertained [tabby title="Poet Bio"] A Mom [tabbyending]

Saving Others by Maggy Greaver

[tabby title="Poem"] I see it I feel it within me creation of havoc and chaos Running all day in my mind Bring my gut into turmoil My soul into disrepute Tearing me into pieces That pain I lash out Feeling...

Unimportant wars by Maggy

[tabby title="Poem"] Stories in my head people in my life Mistakes in my past uncertainties in my future unpaid debts control of my existence falling of my tears [tabby title="Poet Bio"] Mother, Daughter, Wife [tabbyending]

Mornings by Maggy Greaver

[tabby title="Poem"] Morbid ,Stiff Lead heavy eyelids Finally opened to meet the sunrise feet hit the ground Cold as Ice A new day has come meeting it with chores No time for quite Moments Mind flashed With TO Dos Wake...

Which God is yours? by Maggy Greaver

[tabby title="Poem"] Which God is Yours? Serving in the presence of my enemies seeing others cup overflowing feeling left and forsaken watching weapons formed against me prospering running and growing weary Fruits of my spirit coming rot with Envy …...