Lust Languages by Maggy

[tabby title="Poem"] How does it work?How comeYour formulasAreGivingMePhysiological resultsHowIs ITThatWe feel for each otherButWeCan’t be togetherHow come?Why ….Mother Nature are uSoMonogamousWhenIt comes to meDoes your formulasResultMeGreedyToWant to feel more than onceIn One life timeLust languages [tabby title="Poet Bio"] mommy [tabbyending]

Seven types of hell by Maggy

[tabby title="Poem"] Ha! Ha! He! He!Yah nehWhy would I not identify by them?Ha! Ha! He! He!Yah nehYou see you can’t speak about itTill you have been to itThrough itAbout itAnd almost for it It’s not really tangible you seeIt’s within...

Surviving is not enough by Maggy

[tabby title="Poem"] Financially indebtedEmotionally desolateSpiritually barrenPhysically unfitBut I’m survivingAs new days bear sun raiseI’m still hereBreathingHangingHoldingFightingMovingPrayingTo do more than surviveTo hunt the evil of inadequacyTo Attack it with great enthusiasmWith it lingeringCan I claim to have ever lived?Surviving is not...