Gone by Soul Flutterings

[tabby title="Poet Bio"] Somewhere in the pasta place where Icannot be foundThe past goneForgottenNo longer hereNo longerAm I that girl?DifferentUpgradedimprovedtell mewho are youI cannot rememberHowwe ever fell in love [tabby title="Poet Bio"] Poetress Author Artist Meditation Teacher & Healer [tabbyending]

Mermaid by Soul Flutterings

[tabby title="Poet Bio"] She dreams incolorsShe dreams infireSwimmingwithin the magicof MidnightMoon petalsfalling softlyamongst shadowsrainingupon her tailStars druzing herMermaid hairShe dives deepintoPaper Oceansthe magicalsoulthat she is. [tabby title="Poet Bio"] ArtistReadingsMeditation [tabbyending]

Shift by Soul Flutterings

[tabby title="Poet Bio"] Your belief systemcreating aprisonfor you tosit inlike dirty bathwaterwading &washingwithin allyour negativethoughtsa prison cellyou've createdfor yourselfonly youholding powerto let yourselfoutdecidingyour own bidof timehow many yearshas it beenthat you'vebeenmarinating indirty bath waterTime toreprogram &SHIFTthe negativebelief systemand set you...

Warrior by Soul Flutterings

[tabby title="Poet Bio"] I sleeppeacefullyAngelswatching overmewhile Metatron& Michaelwield theirswordsprotecting theuniverseMermaids &Unicorns radiatingenergetic shieldsfrom the5th dimensionPeace & Silencecrawling acrossMidnightuntil Rathe sun Godignites theHorizon onFire [tabby title="Poet Bio"] Nicole Kern writes under the pen name Soul Flutterings. She is an Intuitive writer,...