Tasteless Sight by Power Within

Power Within | June 6th, 2018 | poetry | 2 Comments


Place the solid pieces where hands won’t reach,
Where memory is your only carrier,
Where room dividers held pictures
That carry more than moments in reflection.

Place the solid pieces in chest drawers,
The ones forgotten,
Seen as too old to hold anything of value
Where rust sings wisdom,
With door handles hanging off the hinges
We’ve learnt never to lock
The keys attract the thieves.

Place the dusty pieces in bright light,
That way they won’t notice its worth
They’ll ignore it,
Breathe its aura in,
Ignore it,
Push it aside with the rocks,
Touch it,
Without feeling it, they’ll never know its value.

Place it in tasteless sight,
Under blinding light,
Where darkness is a thing of the mind,
They’ll see it but never find it.

Poet Bio

Mandla Phakathi is a Johannesburg born writer. He was a member of a poetic jazz band called The Blunt and has performed at various places across Johannesburg. He started writing when his heart was first broken and has never looked back since.

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2 thoughts on “Tasteless Sight by Power Within”

  1. Love your poem. Would love to chat to you about it and the inspiration behind it.

    1. Hey. The whole concept behind the piece was like where would you hide something valuable, to me it’s in tasteless sight, a place you wouldn’t suspect to be a hiding place.

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