tattoos by mihla the poet

mihla the poet | April 12th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


wish I had something to stay with me forever

I wish it was you but I knew you would perish in my hands cause you would have lost the reason and spark for us to be together

So I wish I had something that never left me

Cause the thought of something leaving me

Kills me like poison
Depro mode unlocks

Cause of the thoughts of you leaving me

So I had to take

A needle and ink and write a poem and draw something that will never leave me

So that I won’t die

So that I won’t be depressed

but then again tattoos are my peace and my comforter cause they won’t leave me

And Loneliness is the mother of all killers

Cause the idea or feeling of something not leaving

Makes me happy

So I had to


Poet Bio

mihla the poet is an aspiring poet that wants to better his writing but also his limited in bloemfontein because poetry isnt a big deal in his town but he has performed once that was in 2015 at the umtata word festival and is also a part time rugby player

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