Tears for the Unborn by Asanda Binqela

zamantungwa | December 18th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Mind filled with could have beens’
Soul scorched with guilt and pain
Hands draped in blood
As I reminisce on different choices that could’ve been made
No amount of prayers can redeem me
No apologies can ever be said to right the wrong
I yearn to dream so I can meet you
To touch the skin I ripped
To hold the hands that I wrecked
I knelt at the throne of the King….
To plead
To reason
To give me you
To restore all I had stolen from HIM and you

As I wait, I will love you in the space you exist in
I will hold you in my spirit
And miss you in my realm
Mommy loved you my angels

Poet Bio

My soul breaths when I write….
I started writing for the age of 16years… never having published my work always having been a desire. I’m currently working at a Private Bank as Private Banker Analyst but not fulfilled.


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