Tears of the crying Africa by Kgutsang Alfred Setloboko

Kgutsang Alfred Setloboko | Aug 6th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Tears of the crying Africa
Africa my land
They sailed to you from the west
You welcomed them in the Cape
Ubuntu you showed them
“De mensheid” the Dutch would call it.

Back they went, and they brought chains with them
Africa your child was chained
and they were enslaved for hard labour
Those who showed resistance were slaughtered.

Tears of the crying Africa
Further up they moved, within they settled
Their administration took over and the majority was discriminated against
Africa cried, Africa shed tears
Their administration spilled the blood of the innocent.

Oh Africa! Sight the tears of the crying Africa
The majority fought, eventually, the victory was declared
The administration was transferred on paper
and hope was sold to the majority.

Twenty-five years later, Africa is still crying, tears of the crying Africa
Corruption has become the friend
The land is still “once upon a time”
Justice is reserved for the dollar holders
Frustration is causing havoc amongst the previously marginalised, at least on papers
because the reality is the opposite

My Africa is crying.
Can you perceive?
Africa my land is crying
The communities of Africa are diminishing
Women and children are perishing
Men have declared them the enemies
The soul of Africa is broken, Africa is torn.

Tears of the crying Africa
Where are our leaders?
Oh! I have forgotten that they can’t move
because their bellies are filled
What happened to Africa?
Africa is distraught.

Poet Bio

I’m a village boy from Mount Fletcher, a small village town on the outskirts of the Eastern Cape. I’m holding a BA degree and currently studying a certificate In Education at Nelson Mandela University. I always had a vision of writing, and I did but I didn’t know what to do with my work afterwards. Most of it was destroyed therefore

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