Teetotaler by Wilson Ajima

Wilson Ajima | August 19th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

It has to be alcohol or the holy ghost, they can’t decide which one it has to be
for I look and act like a normal drunk until it’s time to preach the word.
Then they ask me, what are you in particular? Are you a drunk or a monk?
And I say I’m both, as I walk in circles on the midnight road…
They wonder why I keep walking in circles on the road
and not straight like a normal guy
Can’t you walk straight like a normal guy
Or do you walk like that because you’re drunk?
And I say I walk like this because I’m drunk and I’m not normal…
—I knew it! I knew you were one of us. Why go with the other camp na? Those absentee bros with their funny nickname…what do they call themselves again? the ‘toothy-tellers…’
Because I’m also one of them too, I say. I’m also a ‘toothy-teller…’

Poet Bio

Wilson Ajima lives in Enugu, Nigeria. He writes.

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