Television Scripture by Michael Levinson

Michael Levinson | May 10th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


We’re knot done.
God’s First Wife
Mother Nature
Miracle Mum
Handles a lot,
Her personal plot,
Milky Way
Water planets,
Yet knot
Our good ship
Mother earth,
Ready to rot;
Ma’s here raped.
Mother Nat
Last at bat.

Because of us
Life’s a swoon
Soon to boom
Spring and fall
Forest burning
Done for, gone
All your fears,
Stow your boats
A hundred years,
Brutal summer
Next day winter
Calamity trees
Climate diseased,
The quest chin is—
Can we reverse this.

With my verse
I chart the course
For whirled peace
Food unchained
Big shenanigan
So we begin again
Gar Den of Edum,
Adman and Even
My spoken poem
Dusk until dawn.
Every line
Delicate sensible
Mull tie ling well
Schema of rhyme.
The Big TV Show
All of the world
Gathered in tow
Lev tells vision
How to row,
For dough re me,
Rearrange course
Of human history.
I like that
Heartily wait
For bucks to gust
Dust to dust,
Seas look rough
Life is tough.
Might we speak?
Money & Power
Won’t allow wit,
Yet heaviest gale
Cannot derail
Lev tale;
Eighty-foot waves
Are merely a frolic
For briny old Lev
The whale.

All you suckers
Whelp my gulp,
When beaches are
Basted in slime;
Then rhyme time:
New world fate
Eye clean slate,
When you fold,
Heaven future
Television Script
Sure world wide,
Mull tie ling well
Rhymes to bind
All man kind.
Time is my mate.
I have a date
With the universe.
I cannot be late.
Miss-tickle Shem
I say you say when.

Poet Bio

Michael Stephen Levinson was inspired in 1969 with his Television Scripture, a spoken poem written down, his purpose to perform his “Vehicle for World Peace for all peoples and nations at once, dusk until dawn, as old blind Homer, with every line a delicate sensible rhyme, rivaling Dante, of Divine comedic fame.

Lev, as he is also a write-in candidate for president.

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