temporally free by Rodney Roskruge

Rodney Roskruge | July 18th, 2014 | current issue, poetry | No Comments


Thomas Sankara died for ideas
which still live on
today, tomorrow
red carpets for red berets
which can not stand upright
weighed down by tender bellies
made from Egypt, France and others
punching the air
screaming I will take back what is mines
driving what is not theirs
destroying then rebuilding on greener pastures
watered with blood
maintained by ancestral gardeners still trapped
after retiring from the mines
digging for gold
which will never be theirs
T.B housed
by these lives
easily shared by those who wait for these
RDP houses
red for redical change
wood for woodwork on zincs in shacks
tapping into the rage of teens
side effects from ANC pills
running impatient
off-beat to the fast paced drum in the intestines
obsessed with yellow bones
cheers! echoes louder on a 200 rand glass
action does speak louder than words
money talks,french
how much does Africa owe France in taxes
how much does France owe SA for dissecting and slicing Sarah Baartman
for polishing and show casing her private parts and butt
how much did Claire magazine owe Boity
to polish and show case her private parts and butt
public figures selling private parts
aborters making a living by killing the living
gravediggers living off the non-living
maybe freedom is a nano-second
when the armed clock hits 12
and left for 1
a second which stuck in our minds
splitting the political struggle
and introducing us to the economical struggle
maybe freedom is in the mind
a high
we once tasted when he punched the air
with Winnie in hand
recovering South Africans trying hard to relapse


Rodney ‘The ATM’ Roskruge is a writer, poet, draws, enjoys all kinds of music. a writer. words person.


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