Temptation by Lebogang Mashigo

Poetry Potion | November 12th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


He’s such a sexual fetish
His yellowish glowing soft skin provokes a strong emotion
A dark road never to be taken
Beautiful, inviting, yet so dangerous
A forbidden road of lust, lies and deceit

So seductive with its teasing eyes
So tempting it draws you closer with a look
Temptation, forbidden, its charm unspeakably desirable
Its strong forces weakening every inch in me
Too powerful, always leaning on the doorbell

Forces of nature bring us together, yearning for his touch
His kiss deliciously relaxing and intoxicatingly beautiful
Our lips meet, am overwhelmed by lust
Craving and longing for his touch

Temptation, so beautiful
Yet so dangerous

Poet Bio

I am a part time writer, mostly interested in poetry and short stories.


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