That First Touch by Sphesihle Clement

Sphesihle Clement | June 20th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


I’ve had someone touch
My skin, but never
The essence of the gravel
That formed it,
Your hands sunk into
My bones,
Tampering with my veins
And inscribing your name
In my blood,
And I haven’t forgotten
Your touch since we touched,
I haven’t forgotten your eyes,
The soft tone in your voice
When you wake up
And whisper “good morning”
I haven’t forgotten the taste
Of your lips,
That forever lingers on the skin
Of my own,
On the space of my soul,
You left a universe in my mouth
When our lips locked,
You left a part of you with me,
And I appreciate you
Trusting me with yourself.

Poet Bio

He is a 22 year old boy, who writes poetry, lives poetry and breathes music; he loves music. He goes to the University of Johannesburg, and he hopes that oneday he will be a published author.

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