That Shy Girl by Nadine Juta

Nadine Juta | March 22nd, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment

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You know that shy girl,
The one in the blue,
Yeah you remember her,
You bullied her too.

That shy girl is ill,
And needs some one to care.
But don’t you worry,
It’s not like you care.

Remember that shy girl?,
The one with the smile,
Well, notice how,
You haven’t seen her in a while?

I was that shy girl,
In blue with that smile.
And I have been crying,
In darkness for a while.

You know that shy girl,
The one in the blue.
Sure you remember her,
She died because of you.

Poet Bio

Nadine is a poet striving to become known, and sharing poetry with the world, sharing the beauty of poetry with others.

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