That time of the month by Xabiso Vili

Xabiso Vili | September 7th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, featured poem, poetry | No Comments

Some poems are their own confessionals.

secrets unto themselves,

betray themselves,

are a dagger in the back,

most days they can’t stop the bleeding.

Some poems would rather be hidden,

get rid of the blood

in a public toilet stall,

clean the rust off their fingernails

beneath lukewarm water

before anybody can see how old they’ve become


These poems don’t want to be seen,

bowed heads in feigned prayer,

wouldn’t know what to do

if they caught the eye of god

but still toss rocks

at the sky


Some poems would rather be god,

vindictive and cold in their holding,
would be miracles,

save you from themselves,

would be the end of the world,

silent and fading and alone.



Published with permission  © Xabiso Vili

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