That woman in the mirror by Tasmiyah Oumar

Tasmiyah Oumar | March 13th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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i’m ashamed.
i’m ashamed to say
that there’s one woman
whom i called ugly every day.
She was the only woman
who was not beautiful to me,
she was the only woman
who could never be
Well that’s what i told her.
i told her she was not good enough
and who would ever love someone
who had innumerable imperfections.
But one day
as i was staring at my reflection
i saw that girl whom i called unwanted
and she stared at me
i could see the tears in my eyes
as i began to realise
i had broken myself.

Months of pain and struggle
have now passed
and although there are days
it’s really hard,
I’m finally able
to look into the mirror
and tell that woman:

“You are beautiful”

Poet Bio

Tasmiyah is an aspiring poet. She aims to create awareness through her words and inspire others.

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