The Autumn That Took Her Away by Binesh Menon

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When the falling leaves rustled, I knew she was gone
For that was the time, when we had met last
Those were the splendid days when we strolled the paths
Together sharing the thoughts that were to blossom to fullness
Together we wandered into the untrodden path, her frolicsome nature making me laugh
Her sweet fragrance impregnating my mind, and her mere presence embalming my spirits
I heaved as I relinquished, my hardened soul giving consent
To be enthralled with the joys of living, and life seeming to catapult to peaks
And then came the autumn, when ended her sojourn
She left me in solace, so poorly naïve, bid me adieu
My soul ached at her depart, to thee I swear, moaned with pain
But then the time goaded me for ‘twas almost time
Came again the autumn, my mind reticent in delight
Enchanted all the dearly names to welcome the ‘endeared one’
Autumn passed and so the years, ‘tis now, but an ended affair
But still melancholy I await the season when the leaves fall, to see her return.

Poet Bio

Binesh Menon is an avid reader and loves to write poems and short essays. An ardent fan of great works of art he is self motivated and loves to travel. He is a foodie and is a contributor for a blog titled Fapters for the food section.


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