The big company by Dr. Baljit Singh

Dr. Baljit Singh | October 4th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


A chance given justifies
That a person can fall sick, but stands, when given a standing
The big company gives rise, my understanding

Ageing destines us
It is hope; they saw in my eyes
They kept me loving

Cannot return to where the journey began
Hold the baton and run relay
My understanding

Otherwise, Englishman would not have given me a chance
The prisoner always try to look outside
My understanding

Poet Bio

Dr Baljit Singh was born in Mumbai (Bombay) and raised in Delhi. He received his PhD in Economics from La Trobe University, Melbourne in 2002. Poetry writing is his passion. His poems are short but convey a message. Birth is a beautiful thing, and peace, a healthy life, and work is worship. Dr Singh lives in Melbourne with his family.

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