The Bridge Bends by Khaya Maseko

Khaya Maseko | December 17th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

The body is the bridge between thought and deed.
Today, I ask you to relinquish your habitat for as long as it takes.
Each thing takes.
Toll-free is a fiction.
Fiction and lies are married, with children.
Pathology is damage to the go-between.
laceration of thought.
The flagellants are many and the punishments meted out momentarily by moment.
Today is the day I ask you to leave

Poet Bio

Khaya is a writer of experimental poetry. Ranging from mixed media creations to science fiction verse and even prose poems. He has been a writer and member of Nowadayz Poets in Durban South Africa for over 15 years. He has published over 6 books. Eyeless, Mashu oMusha, 4Z4N14, iPhupho and Loathing at Aisle 1 are but a few.

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