The Briefcase Man by mmantwa mmofoa

Poetry Potion | December 3rd, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

He carries his briefcase
He is going to work
He’ll come back
Back from digging gold
Even out in the cold

He works non-stop throughout the day
Without a break
He works late
He doesn’t have a mate

He lives alone
That was the way he was born
He doesn’t talk
He says those who do ought to walk in court

They are curious
They say he is dangerous
I think he is victorious
We just have to learn

He is not bad
He is the briefcase man

Poet Bio

This poet loves to write poems about world issues and also about Africa. The poet is concerned with the state that Africa is in as well as social issues that Africans and the world face. My inspiration includes Andrew Manyika whom I discovered through the radio, as well as Kagiso Tshepe. I would love to publish my poems some day although I do not write a lot but it is a talent I would not let go and I am determined to shape and mold it for the better and for the future.


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