The broken merry-go-round by Dark Plasma

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Poet Bio

Wide open eyes full of so many ‘why(s)?’
still curious and ever-growing wise
Her gift of seeing deeper than the surface
every waking moment therefore a new surprise
Her pure tears of joy watering the best
the fallen leaves into a new forest
Their seedling drops erupting into a wild
evergreen endless laughter of a child
Her spirit glowing like the bright yellow
marble sun of her bright tomorrows
Rolling across her sky room’s blue ceiling
from which her dreams are always swinging
Burning a bright rainbow-coloured path,
Splashing sweet aromas like a bubble bath
of the flowery rainclouds of her garden
her world bursting like a fireworks season

Muddy playful hands flowing into rivers
of loving warmth like the soft paws of beavers
Ordering the pebbles into a mountain adventure
coming down a waterslide of pure rapture
Into a plume of feathers from a beautiful songbird
bursting fountains of melodies never heard
This beautiful dream being nestled bright
might dream a dream to soaring heights
Carrying her overflowing heart like a bubble
her vivid imagination swimming in the puddles
Holding her breath in the turbulent playground
enjoying the spin of the broken merry-go-round

Poet Bio

I’m an aspiring writer. A sketch artist, a painter and sculptor. I love rock music, it’s poetic melody and lyrics. I love art and creativity. And dream a million times a day, even though I don’t always have the language to express those dreams.

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