The cabal* by TeeKty

TeeKty | July 21st, 2019 | poetry | No Comments

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…Leads from the back
Supported by the pack
Sitting comfortably
Asking questions
Noting answers
Taking the glory

…Leads from the front
Poking for own action
Creating so much fraction
Resulting in lots of visible friction
Forever pouncing (his) own head
But can never act on lessons learned

…Leads from the sides
Sticking out with a stagnant mind
For transformation is beyond comprehension
And results in too much trepidation
A bit of scratch here and there
So much agitation
Oh no! Leave it be
Let’s carry-on blindfolded

Poet Bio

Thabile was born and raised in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape. She studied there up to postgraduate level before embarking in a career in health and education research.

Her interests are varied but stem from inquisitiveness and a desire to unravel, learn and explore things that connect people and define their uniqueness. It is through interactions, observations and reflections that her writing has been born.

She is an ordinary girl who loves to laugh. For her, reading and writing are escapism mechanisms – writing also means a release of thoughts, emotions…. it’s therapeutic. However, she does more reading than writing. On a few occasions she has submitted pieces of her writing to online poetry blogs and sites.

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