The charmer by Ekerete Umoetok

Ekerete Umoetok | March 4th, 2014 | current issue, poetry | No Comments


He is known for his immaculate charm,
The beautiful ladies on his arm
And his multi-textured game
That caused his lascivious fame

[restrict]He is always your man
Even if he is not your man
He is always the only man
That should be in your plan
So if you have a man
Lose him if you can

He is the smooth operator
The love generator
The lust instigator
The pleasure generator

He always does seem
As is every lady’s dream
As soon as he is seen
Provided she is lean

As soon as he touches her palm
She is sent to a place exciting and calm
Where there exist trees of palm
And blue waters of pure calm

Where her blissful mind may go
Is a place where love does flow
A tranquil paradise with the fellow
That she will eternally follow

As his quality of man is high
There is none other that is a tie
He is one you will never let by
The man you wish you could deny

But… as soon as your face
Leaves his inviting place
Another will fill your space
Then he will forget your face

So here’s the question
Why have an obsession
For one that always feels above you
And can never love you?[/restrict]

Poet Bio

Ekerete was born in Nigeria and raised in several African countries. Ekerete is an African poet/economist based in Johannesburg. Having lived and worked in several African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia and South Africa, Ekerete draws inspiration from his African experiences to write poetry.



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