The child of a snake by Funwaini Sibanda

Funwaini Sibanda | March 6th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

If we are the body of God
My place is the genitalia
Between black and brown thighs
Where the chaos of creation and birthing resides
I am the mouth of a python
The birthplace of freshwater
The formation of body clay
If I am the child of a snake
Then I am the voice of shamanic spirits
The laughter of old womxn holding spears

Poet Bio

Funwaini Inwi Sibanda is a Zimbabwean born multidisciplinary artist and multidimensional conduit using poetry, visual arts to explore themes of African Identity and spirituality. Currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa Inwi has embarked on a creative journey doing collaborative projects with musicians to create a Poetry EP mused by Ether People doing the work of healing

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