The Chronicle by Afrowelsh

Afrowelsh | March 18th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Tulip swaggered across savannah,
genuine love lounged at delta,
lagoon blues made frantic plea,
on rocky plains, their chalice nestled.

Curve and edges spoke of her origin,
tall and slender trumpeted his,
till labour ceased on moorish birth,
feeling was just a babbling toddler.

Seven seasons, a cathedral bell rang,
raffia mat hosted passions,
eros performed in daily excitement,
bloody libation at bridal dusk.

Canaries warbled over Savannah,
buried sett sprang to life,
tender breasts sprinkled dews,
on fragile heart in a nursery ward.

Poet Bio

Oguntola Akinwale was born in Lagos, Nigeria in mid-eighties. He had a degree in Agricultural Economics in 2006. He is currently a civil servant in one of the federal ministries in Nigeria. Wale as he is fondly called love words and see beauty in every written and spoken word.

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